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Senior Care

Growing older is different for everyone. Sometimes, people are still able to manage in some or all areas of their life but still need a more secure, supportive environment. Other times, they may be able to remain at home but still need professional attention. And other times, a loved one reaches a point where they need 24/7 care in a professional setting. Many of us will experience more than one of these circumstances as we age. United Helpers provides a full range of reassuring options, expert staff, and services for every situation.senior care

A caring approach that sets us apart

In our 120-plus years, United Helpers has grown and adapted to a changing world. But our unique philosophy remains constant: We are always caring. Across the broad reach of our network and our range of services for all, you’ll encounter caring professionals in comfortable settings that inspire confidence and peace of mind.

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Home Health Care


Independent Living


Senior and Disabled Housing


Assisted Living 


Skilled Nursing


Support in finding your way

Our Navigator is here to help you understand our services better and make informed decisions with confidence. Just contact our Navigator or call (315) 714-3117 for assistance.