Maplewood Health Care and Rehabilitation Center

Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center offers a spacious and homelike environment specializing in outpatient therapy, post-hospital (subacute) rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and services for individuals with dementia. Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center is part of Maplewood Campus, which is located just off State Street Road, in Canton, NY.Maplewood Campus,opened in 2010. Touting health & wellness. Maplewood Campus was designed based on years of documented research which cite the benefits of providing care and services on a smaller scale. Maplewood incorporates the arts, nature, spiritual and recreational opportunities, as well as community and intergenerational connections into a residential health care setting.



Post-Hospital (Subacute) Rehabilitation

Outpatient Therapy

Skilled Nursing


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Assisted Living



205 State Street Road, Canton, NY 13617