Employee benefits

January 1st Open Enrollment Period for Voluntary Benefits:

Open Enrollment Facility Visits will occur November 13th, 15th and 25th. This will include enrollment for the following benefits:

· Health Insurance

· Supplemental Dental

· Supplemental Vision

· Flexible Spending Account

· 401k Retirement Savings

If you do not enroll in these benefits you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period, July 1st, for all benefits except the 401k Plan. Enrollment for this benefit is every quarter. Special enrollment periods are offered only for the Health Insurance that apply to employees who are awarded a new position of 20 hours or more or if you have a qualifying event such as the loss of your current coverage, marriage, the birth of a child, etc. If you have any questions regarding the health plan, please contact your facility payroll clerk. Please watch your email in early November for a full schedule of dates, facilities and times.