Emergency Medical Treatment and Triage Expertise, Right at Your Fingertips

"In 2017 alone, UH employees made 226 trips to area Emergency Rooms, costing our health plan more than $40,000."

Fact: many of these trips did not require an ER visit. 

There's a better way. 

United Helpers is pleased to announce a partnership with United Concierge Medicine (UCM), providing UH employees access to Emergency Medicine trained providers 24/7, 365-days-a-year.

The best part? At no cost to you, you and your eligible dependents will have unlimited access to UCM's Emergency Medicine Team via phone, picture and secure video for treatment and triage of any acute medical problem you have. Providers can diagnose, prescribe medications when appropriate, order labs/diagnostic imaging and make recommendations to the best specialists in the area if needed. Yes, it's a big deal and a wonderful employee benefit!

Concierge Medicine is one of the fastest-growing trends in medicine, as both physicians and patients seek better ways to manage health and medical care. Concierge medicine provides around the clock access to an emergency medicine provider through a variety of options- video, email, phone, and even an app! 

All UH employees are covered. 

All United Helpers employees are covered, regardless of current health insurance coverage or position/hours. Eligible dependents - spouses and/or children under age 26 are also covered. Save money and time. No deductibles, no co-pays, and no waiting rooms. Employees will still be responsible for any action items resulting from the consult (cost of prescriptions, labs, x-ray, etc). 

UCM does not replace 911 for true life-threatening emergencies, your Primary Care Provider for well visits or any Specialist for a chronic illness/disease management; however for all other illnesses, injury or medical questions, call UCMs Virtual ER first for treatment and triage! 

Registration information is coming soon, download the UHMnow App now and visit www.UCMnow.com to learn more. UMC can also be reached by phone at any time by calling 844-484-7362 or by email at Info@UCMnow.com.