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newsletter | April 2020
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We have the Best Donors. Every day, you are touching lives that are in need of comfort, healing, care, quality of life, and more. You are incredibly special to recognize the joy that comes from helping your fellow neighbor. "The Helper" is for you, and it is full of uplifting mini-articles about what your giving is making possible at United Helpers! Please enjoy it, with our thanks.


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During our necessary COVID-19 precautions, we surely have missed seeing families, volunteers, and donors! Please stay in touch.

Follow UH on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or email giving@unitedhelpers.org.

We wish you good health!


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LaRock Honored as “Fannie Frank Distinguished CNA”

Longtime United Helpers CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Deborah LaRock was recently honored as the winner of the organization’s first “Fannie Frank Distinguished CNA Award.” Bobby Gordon, Deb LaRock, and Ed GordonMs. LaRock, of Gouverneur, has been a United Helpers employee caring for residents at the company’s facilities in Canton for more than 27 years.

United Helpers volunteers and donors Dr. Edward I. and Mrs. Barbara K. Gordon, who created the award as a tribute to Dr. Gordon’s grandmother, recently met with Ms. LaRock and presented her with the honor.

United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care Canton’s Vice President of Operations Kimberly Blair nominated her. Mrs. Blair highly commended Ms.

Pictured at right are (l to r) Barbara “Bobby” Gordon, Deborah LaRock, and Dr. Edward Gordon

LaRock, stating that Deb “treats the residents as she would her own family and gives them the care and respect they deserve. Deb does not think that she is special or deserves any recognition.”

She added, “In her mind, Deb is doing what she must to care for her residents. In my mind, she is a gem. She makes a nursing home a home.” Congratulations Deb!


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Providing Income for You and UH: Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity

by Michael Curtis CFP ®, UH volunteer

You can make a gift that financially supports both you and United Helpers. It’s called a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). United Helpers Society Board member Michael Curtis CFP® explains how, below.

A CGA is a contract that:

  • establishes a lifetime income stream for you and up to 1 beneficiary
  • is an irrevocable cash transfer or gift, or gift of other property
  • may provide you with tax benefits

Part of the CGA is invested in order to secure your future income as annuitant/s (or beneficiary/ies), and part is gifted to UH.

A CGA may provide you tax benefits. Say you donate highly appreciated assets. Those assets gifted into a CGA may reduce your tax liability (capital gains) and provide partial income tax deductions. The income to the annuitant(s) could be taxable, a return of capital, or partially taxable. And gifting highly appreciated assets preserves the value of the growth for you.

Always speak with your tax advisor and legal advisor before making any tax-related and legal decisions.

For more information, please email the UH Development Office at giving@unitedhelpers.org.

Securities and Advisory Services offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and Member FINRA/SIPC. MCC Financial Services. Inc. and Cadaret, Grant are separate entities.


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Potsdam Man Closer to His Wife after Moving into UH’s Independent Senior Living

Lynn Warden in his apartment at UH Independent Senior LivingTwo years ago, Lynn Warden’s wife, Shirley, moved into the skilled nursing wing at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care in Canton. The move left Mr. Warden (pictured at right) alone in the home the couple had shared for more than 50 years.

Mr. Warden, a retired state trooper, said his children began encouraging him to find a smaller place closer to their mother where he wouldn’t have to be alone most of the time, and wouldn’t have to worry about everyday things like mowing the lawn, preparing meals, and clearing the driveway.

“I had heard about this place (United Helpers Independent Senior Living, formerly Partridge Knoll), and if I ever had to go somewhere, this is where I wanted to go. But honestly, I didn’t want to leave my home,” he said.

Looking back on his move, though, Mr. Warden acknowledges now that his children were correct. “When you’re here, you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or snow blowing the driveway. It means a lot to have that stuff taken care of. It’s nice to have a break from those things that you’ve been doing your whole life.”

Mostly though, Mr. Warden said he enjoys being closer to his wife and once again having an active social life.

“I was driving 30 miles round trip each day, almost every day, so having her next door is very convenient,” he said, noting that while he usually goes to visit her, there have even been times when his wife has been able to come visit him. The building’s other residents have made him feel at home.

Mr. Warden also said he enjoys having dinner prepared for him each night. “I never enjoyed preparing meals, and the dinners here are fantastic,” he said, adding he also enjoys coffee hour each morning with a group of other members.

“The people who live here are very nice,” he said. “It’s like a family. These people are my family now.”


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Upcoming @ UH

Helen S RandlesJune: Awards for 2020 Helen Randles Scholars. Scholarships given from Ms. Randles’s estate gift to UH, for graduating seniors seeking healthcare degrees. (Ms. Randles is pictured at right.)

June: 2020 Margaret Spies Awards. Awards from Margaret Spies’ daughter, Ann’s, endowment given in her mother’s memory. Honorees are selected from all United Helpers direct-care employees.

August: Annual Donor Celebration! Enjoy a party and our heartfelt thanks! Donors will receive detailed invitations by mail.

Check unitedhelpers.org/calendar for more details as they become available, or call/email Jane in the Development Office 315.714.3110 x522. As the health crisis abates, we hope to see you in person, or maybe virtually over the coming months!


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Newsletter created for you by:

United Helpers ... Always CaringChrista Carroll, Vice President of Development

Cinnamon Alberto, Director of Marketing & Communications

Michael Curtis CFP ®, Society of the United Helpers Board of Directors

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Steve Knight, Chief Executive Officer

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Thoughts from CEO Steve Knight

Steve Knight, United Helpers CEO

United Helpers continually works to turn your generosity into results that further our 120-year-old mission to serve the community and help those in need, and to realize our vision to be the provider and employer of choice. I am proud to say that our partnership has a long history of success.

Together with you, we have created:

  • The Fannie Frank Distinguished CNA Award
  • A stellar short-term inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Our new “United Helpers for Tomorrow,” recognizing donors committed to planned giving
  • Unwavering efforts to address rural inequities in program funding that can erode quality if left unchecked

More than 1,000 employees, more than 2,400 customers, and I send our heartfelt appreciation. Together we will keep our mission alive and well for another 120 years.


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