Developmental Disabilitiescql accredited

United Helpers offers homes and personalized services for people with developmental disabilities. developmental disabilities


Individualized Residential Alternatives or IRAs accommodate small groups of individuals. Each is staffed 24/7 by trained professionals who help manage the day-to-day life activities and support the resident in achieving their personalized goals.

Work, Socialization, Skills

United Helpers Day Habilitation programs encourage adults who have developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury to gain volunteer, community and work experience and recreational enrichment. Day Habilitation promotes life skills through a broad range of fun, stimulating activities, from crafts to exercise to music therapy to computer skills. We’ll work with you to develop a person-centered care plan that connects you to the community services you need. Plus, we’ll coordinate those services for you.


Support in finding your way

Our Navigator is here to help you understand our services better and make informed decisions with confidence. Just contact our Navigator or call (315) 714-3117 for assistance.