Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Upcoming @ UH — Calendar of Events for our Friends and Family 


- late April: new edition of The Helper newsletter online and in mailboxes!

- mid-May: announcements about winners of the Randles Scholarships

- late summer 2021: We hope to be able to host you at an in-person celebration of UH donors. Details tbd.

- November 12: National Philanthropy Day

- the Tuesday after Thanksgiving: Giving Tuesday 2021



In Case You Missed It:

- From October 1: Watch the recording of our exciting webinar called “Later, For Sure”: Planning your future gift to United Helpers. We had fun together thinking about gifts that you can plan right now, that will actually happen laterSome planned gifts will give you income! Your heart may have something special in mind for UH, and with planned giving, you can make it happen.

- From August 11, 2020: You can now view the video of our Margaret R. Spies Award presentation!

- From May 2020: Watch a pandemic-inspired giving webinar about how practically anyone can make a big impact on United Helpers. If you didn't know that you have that special power, please check out "You Mean I Can Be a Hero Too?" on YouTube.



Check back regularly. Be an active part of the UH community!
Call Jane in the Development Office 315.714.3113.
We hope to see you over the coming months!


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Last reviewed: Apr 6 2021