Silmser Honored With Life Improved Award Honorable Mention



POTSDAM - Jeff Silmser loves his job and the people he gets to work with upon arriving at whichever IRA he'll be working at for the day.

According to Marc Peccolo, who serves as the RN Manager for the Potsdam/Norwood IRAs where Mr. Silmser works the passion Mr. Silmser has for his job and the people he serves is evident almost instantly.

"He is the nicest person you will ever meet. He goes above and beyond to care for the residents and his compassion is unmatched," Mr. Peccolo said giving the example of Mr. Silmser's recently broken wrist. The injury, which would require surgery only kept him out of work for a couple days.

"That is dedication," Mr. Peccolo wrote, referring to how quickly he returned to work following his injury.

Ironically, just a few weeks after breaking his wrist, Mr. Silmser would break his ankle, and while this injury would keep him our of work for several weeks, one could tell that he was missed. Upon entering the Cherry Street IRA, employees and staff were immediately greeted by a large banner made by the residents that said "Welcome Back Jeff."

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