Pinkerton Wraps Up Therapy, Resumes Baseball Career



OGDENSBURG – After just over three months of physical therapy at RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Ogdensburg, Seth Pinkerton has returned to Fort Meyers, Florida to prepare for spring training with the Minnesota Twins organization.


Mr. Pinkerton was drafted by the Twins in the 2018 Major League Baseball Amateur draft, beginning his career last spring. However, his first season of professional ball came to an abrupt halt when he suffered a serious injury while fielding a ball hit back to him.


“I ended up with a grade two MCL and LCL sprain, as well as a complete tear of both my medial and lateral menisci and a complete tear of my ACL,” he said, noting his injury was so severe that Dr. James Andrews “had to go fishing” in order to find his meniscus while trying to repair his leg.


Prior to departing for Florida, Mr. Pinkerton agreed to discuss his rehabilitation and experience at RiverLedge.


“When I first came in I had two crutches. Then I was using one crutch and eventually a cane. Now I’m able to walk and even run on my own,” he said.


The focus on rehabilitating his leg though did take a toll on his preparations for the season, but Mr. Pinkerton said he’s confident that when the season starts he’ll be ready to go.


“I’m not 100% pitching-wise, there’s still two months left on the time frame I was given for that, but I am ready to get down there and resume my baseball career,” he said.


United Helpers Physical Therapist Brett Amo has been working with Mr. Pinkerton and the two have developed a relationship that has helped make his recovery easier than it could have been.


“Brett and I are both competitive and he has really pushed me the extra little bit that has helped my therapy be so successful,” he said. Also adding to the mix is Seth’s sister, Kelsey, who is also recovering from a torn ACL and doing physical therapy with Mr. Amo.


 “We’re all pretty competitive, so we’ve been pushing each other too,” he said. “The whole process has been great and Brett has helped me, both physically and mentally. It’s been encouraging to see my progress.”


Mr. Amo said Mr. Pinkerton’s success is a result of his hard work and an eagerness to come back even stronger than he was before the injury.


“He has done extremely well,” Mr. Amo said. “He has consistently been ahead of where his doctors expected him to be. That’s a testament to his hard work and dedication.”


Prior to wrapping up his time at Riveredge, Mr. Pinkerton and Mr. Amo had a FaceTime conversation with Dr. Andrews where they discussed Mr. Pinkerton’s therapy and his path to recover.


“He has been very pleased with my progress and everything Brett has done,” Mr. Pinkerton said.


Dr. Andrews is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, who is best known for his work with Major League Baseball pitchers, including the likes of Mariano Rivera and Roger Clemens. He has also operated on other legends in the world of sports like Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, and Peyton Manning among others.


Also pleased with Mr. Pinkerton’s therapy was the Minnesota Twins training staff and team doctor. Mr. Amo said he received a text message from Mr. Pinkerton following his initial meeting with the team’s medical staff.


“They said that everything looks great and they’re impressed with how much strength and size I’ve gained back in my leg since my surgery,” Mr. Pinkerton wrote.


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