Maplewood Allows Potsdam Couple to Grow Old Together



CANTON – Over the past 70 plus years there has only been a few times that Carl and Evelyn Seymour have been away from each other for more than a few hours at a time.

One of those instances came while Mr. Seymour was in the Navy and another came more recently as Mrs. Seymour began battling health problems that led to hospitalizations and a move to Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center.

According to the couple’s son Glenn, Mrs. Seymour first came to Maplewood in November of 2016 for physical therapy. She then returned in January of 2017 for a rehabilitation stay before moving into building’s Assisted Living wing in March.

Mr. Seymour would then join his wife in Assisted Living in April where they were together until health problems forced Mrs. Seymour into the hospital and the skilled nursing wing upon her release.

“When mom went into the hospital one of our big worries was that she would have to go to a different facility and that was not a happy thought,” Glenn said.

The couple’s other son, Murray Seymour agreed.

“How do you describe it? After 74 years together they still have the ability to sit on the couch and fall asleep in each other’s arms,” Murray said. “At this point in their lives they couldn’t ask for anything better.”

While their time together in the Assisted Living wing was brief, the fact that their mother and father still reside under the same roof despite needing different levels of care isn’t lost on anyone in the family.

“United Helpers went out of their way to put them together in Assisted Living,” Murray said. “If it wasn’t for mom falling, I believe they would still be together in the same room.”

Glenn and Murray both reside in Potsdam and said they’re fortunate to have a facility such as Maplewood just a short drive away.

“Eleven miles is nothing,” Glenn said. “Having mom and dad together just a short drive a way has allowed us to continue being a family.”

When asked what it means for them to still be together, both Carl and Evelyn had a difficult time putting it into words.

“It means everything,” Mrs. Seymour said, to which Carl replied, “You can’t put into words what it means.”

Glenn even called their family’s situation, “the ultimate success story in the aging process.”

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