Local Snowbird on the Road to Recovery, Eager to Head South



OGDENSBURG – Twelve years ago Leona Miller, of Ogdensburg, had knee replacement surgery on her left leg. The day after that operation she had a stroke, leaving her fearful that the time would come when she would need the same surgery on her right leg.


In 2018 that time came. However, this time around Mrs. Miller did 10 sessions of prehabilitation prior to her surgery which took place on Dec. 4.


“I came into the therapy not sure if I was going to have the surgery or not,” Mrs. Miller said, explaining that the weeks and months that followed her first knee surgery were some of the most difficult in her life.


“Pretty early on though, Megan (Physical Therapist Megan Morrison) and I determined that I was going to need that surgery,” she said.


Ms. Morrison said the purpose of prehab is to strengthen a limb or joint as much as possible prior to an operation, something which makes the recovery significantly easier.


“Our goal with those sessions was to make her stronger heading into the surgery,” Ms. Morrison said, to which Mrs. Miller replied, ‘It certainly helped.”


Following her discharge from the hospital, Mrs. Miller spent six days at RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center for a short-term, in-patient therapy stay. RiverLedge is also where she had done her prehabilitation and is now receiving outpatient therapy.


“The fact that I can receive all of these services at the same place is great,” she said.


While many patients end up with an inpatient stay longer than six days, Ms. Morrison said that Mrs. Miller is working hard towards the goal of heading to Florida, where she and her husband spend their winters, as soon as possible.


Mrs. Miller said that as soon as she was discharged home, she began doing exercises at home, something that was not lost on Ms. Morrison.


“You can definitely tell when they do exercises at home,” she said. “It helps their progress and makes things go a lot easier when they’re here. She’s done everything right.”


Mrs. Miller is now walking short distances without a cane or walker and has her eyes set on walking longer distances unassisted and receiving clearance later this month from her doctor to head south.


“It’s coming along,” she said. “If you need therapy for anything, this is the place to come.”


For more information on therapy services at RiverLedge in Ogdensburg, contact (315) 393-0730. For information on therapy services at Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Canton, contact (315) 386-4541. You may also like United Helpers on Facebook or visit www.unitedhelpers.org.

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