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For your convenience, you can now complete our application online.


Please note that when you are filling out our application, be sure to use your 911 addresses for work and personal references.  You may not write “SEE RESUME” anywhere on the application as we need all the physical information on our application.  After filling out the application remember to electronically sign by checking the provided box as indicated at the end of the application under the signature line


When filling in the application make sure that all areas and sections with a red asterisk is completed or you will not be able to submit the application.  In the event that you forget a field, the system will prompt you by notifying the areas to be completed and highlights the area in red.


If your application has been completed correctly and you press the submit button and receive no errors your application has been accepted and you will receive a confirmation notice. 


If you have any questions, need assistance or comments contact United Helpers HR Department at 315-393-3074 Ext 4249 or email application@unitedhelpers.org


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