Updates, How We Are Protecting Your UH Family, and How You Can Help 

Always caring.


Yes, always—and everywhere across the North Country. A lot has changed since United Helpers was founded in 1898. We’ve expanded our reach and grown to serve you, from rehabilitation to behavioral health, to eldercare. Life has its tough times. And for many, United Helpers will be a place to turn to more than once along life’s way. So, we’ve built an organization to meet your needs today and tomorrow. By connecting people to the right services and supports, they can be as engaged as possible with living. Some call it a “continuum of care.” We simply call it Always Caring.


Our promise to you


For people in the North Country, United Helpers delivers the spe­cialized medical, physical and emotional support they need to be fully connected to life. We have been caring for our neighbors in St. Lawrence County for more than 120 years, and no other provider comes close to the reach of our network, the breadth of our services or the depth of our commitment.


A new brand to unite our efforts


There’s a sense of confidence in working with an organization that has a reputation you trust. So, we’re simplifying the way we identify our offerings to make our presence clearer, more consistent, and more reassuring to you:


  • United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care (formerly RiverLedge in Ogdensburg and Maplewood in Canton)
  • United Helpers Independent Senior Living (formerly Partridge Knoll)
  • United Helpers Behavioral Health and Life Skills (formerly Mosaic)


United Helpers is a 501(c)(3), non-profit.


Support in finding your way


Having difficulty finding the help you need? Our Navigator is here to help you understand our services better and make informed decisions with confidence. Just contact our Navigator or call (315) 714-3117 for assistance.